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Upholstery Services Dubai brings the finest decorative wall covers to beautify the bedroom’s style and aesthetics.

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Allure Master Bedroom Wallpaper

Create Classical Decorations With Our Bedroom Wallpapers

To restyle your master’s or kids’ bedrooms, you can find endless options in our collection. Our bedroom wallpaper Dubai is crafted using durable natural and synthetic materials for high performance while adding grace to any interior setting. We offer murals with exclusive designs and pattern options, some of the classical patterns are mentioned below.

Damask Patterns 

Aligned Strips 

Floral Patterns 

Toile Designs 

3D White Leaves Bedroom Wallpaper

Years of Experience

Completed Projects

Cloud Wallpaper

What Benefits Do Our Wallpapers Offer?

Beautify your rooms with our luxurious and wonderful wall covers with impressive designs, textures, patterns, finishes, and color tones. Our bedroom wallpapers can:

Improves the style & Aesthetics
Improves the style & Aesthetics

To enhance the whole room’s look and ambiance, you can select cohesive designs.

Conceal Stains & Imperfections
Conceal Stains & Imperfections

They can perfectly hide any wiring, stains, and scratches, creating a flawless look.

temperatuere fluctuation
Temperature Fluctuation Resistant

The hot or cold climatic situation won’t affect their appearance, preventing fadeness.

Great For Noise Insulation
Great For Noise Insulation

You can get acoustic wallpapers to minimize the room reverberations and echoes.

Easy To Maintain and Clean
Easy To Maintain and Clean

It is super easy to aftercare and clean these wall coverings because of damage resistance.

Cost-effective Solution
Cost-effective Solution

It is a budget-friendly option because they can stay for decades even with minimal care.

View the Latest Wall Cover Designs!

High Quality Bedroom Wallpaper Dubai
Decoseecom Bedroom Wallpaper
Classic Style Bedroom Wallpaper

Variety of Wallpapers We Offer For Bedroom Interiors

We stock vintage or modern wallpapers to enhance your space’s aesthetics and appearance. Plenty of options are there to discover for designs, textures, and styles. Our trendy bedroom styling picks include:



Peel & Stick 




Design Cafe Bedroom Wallaper

Get Our Custom Bedroom Wall-Styling Services

To give your spaces a graceful and personalized finish with our bespoke wallpapering services. We offer you the flexibility of customization by many folds as follows:


Choose from the bamboo, grasscloth, vinyl, paper, foil, metallic, and fabric.


Pick the light to dark neutral shades or multiple color tones to match your interior.


Per wall parameters, you can get these coverings with desired dimensions.


We offer a broad range of simple to detailed designs to sync with the existing aesthetics.

Bedroom Wallpaper

Hire Us For Flawless & Quick Bedroom Wallpaper Installations

Purchasing bedroom wallpaper in Dubai from a different store and searching for an installer elsewhere is hectic. We understand your troubles therefore, we have hired a professional team of installers with accurate skills to handle the job with precision. Our crew will visit your residential spaces to assess wall type, condition, and measurements.

We begin with existing wall sheet removal, surface cleaning, leveling, and priming so that wallpapers adhere perfectly after adhesive application. The usage of best-quality adhesive materials and specified tools contributes to giving a durable and flawless finish. Also, we make sure there are no ridges, bubbles, or peeled-off corners at the end.

Stylish Bedroom Wallpaper
Wallpaper for Bedroom

Ours is the one-stop workshop in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to find all kinds of wallpapers with quality and durability assurance.

Why Choose Us For Bedroom Wallpaper Dubai?

Upholstery Services Dubai is the leading online platform for purchasing trendy bedroom wallpaper with creative modern and traditional designs for bedroom decor. We offer unique, heavy-duty, waterproof, and acoustic options for these papers to enhance your room’s aesthetics, performance, and comfort. After selecting us, you can get our featured services for your convenience:

Free Estimation & Sampling
Free Estimation & Sampling

Get the right estimates for cost from our client’s representatives after reviewing and finding the desired design and material through samples.

Quick Shipping & Installation
Quick Shipping & Installation

We ship the parcel of your desired item to your doorstep and also facilitate you with professional wall cover fixing and installation services.

Client’s Feedback!

Check out the positive response from our satisfied clients to ensure that you are going to have a satisfactory purchase.

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We deliver our affordable wallpaper services with a great discount in all of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! These are not only used to create an accent wall but are ideal for entire boudoir room walls. You have the flexibility to pick the desired color and style for each wall to create a bold statement or simply go with the same style.

For boudoir room styling, the best choice is to pick modern wall covers with neutral shades and styles that can improve the space’s ambiance. In addition, you can pick floral, classic, and nature-inspired themes based on your preferences.

Wallpaper fitting requires skillfulness and specified tool usage. To ensure a flawless finish without any seams and bubbles, it is suggested to hire professionals who will initiate the process with surface preparation, leveling, and adhesive application.

Well, it totally depends on the material quality of the wallpaper. However, on average, you can expect any kind of bedroom wallpaper to last for more than 8-12 years without overuse and with proper aftercare.

Yes! It is possible to paint over the vinyl wall covers because they are waterproof. However, you need to choose the paint type and apply the oil-based primer beforehand to adhere the paint better. Make sure, you have all the tools and materials available.

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