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Upholstery Services Dubai boasts the finest and most unique collections of Wall Panels in Dubai for both residential and commercial walls. Our cheap panels for walls will beautify your places like never before!

Best Wall Panels

About Our Wall Cladding and Paneling Excellence 

Our wall cladding and paneling services make an incredible and long-term beneficial decor improvement with which you can not only enhance the look of your places but can also make them highly energy efficient.

Wall Panels Dubai is an innovative and modern alternative to paint jobs and wallpaper services and guarantees the most long-lasting serviceability.

You can have them for any and every interior as a cost-effective and comforting wall treatment for:

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Explore Latest Ranges Of Decorative Wall Panels At Our Store 

Up ahead, we’ve described some of our most popular paneling options which you can consider for both residential and commercial walls and enjoy multiple advantages.

pVC panels
PVC Panels

These Polyvinyl Chloride Panels are useful for moisture-prone areas as they are not affected by humidity.

3d panelling
3D Paneling

This paneling is highly luxurious, and a great choice if you need some texture for your rooms.

wooden panels
Wooden Panels

These classic panels are perfect for creating traditional decors and add warmth and comfort to homes.

upholsteres panel
Upholstered Panels Dubai

These panels are the most wonderful choices for bedrooms, living rooms, and every other space.

MDF panels
MDF Luxury Paneling

This treatment is a timeless choice for nearly every area and it’s the most practical wall covering.

metal panelling
Metal Paneling For Walls

This one is the sturdiest and most heavy-duty wall-covering option of all. It will last forever.

Trendsetting Wall Decorative Panels In Dubai

These are some latest options for Wall Panels, which suit both traditional & modern interiors. Explore now to find choices that align with your taste.

Best Wall Panel
Wall Panel in Dubai
Amazing Wall Panel
Modern Wall Panel

Useful Aspects Of Our Wall Treatments 

Our eco-friendly and sustainable panels for walls will turn your interiors into the most inviting, comfy, disruption-free, and energy-efficient spaces.

Easy To Upkeep & Maintain

Prevent Wall Damages Spread

Offer Fire Resistance For Safety

Conceal Ugly Cables & Wires

Stop Heat Loss Through Walls

Personalized Interior Designing

Wall Panel Service

Our Wall Cladding & Paneling Method

Interested in how we shall transform your place with paneling treatments? We’ve talked about the procedure ahead.

Planning And Prepping

We visit your places free of cost, define a paneling plan, and carry out all essential preparations.

Measurements & Cutting

We take all measurements meticulously followed by cutting wall panels according to your chosen sizes.

Adhering & Securing

We install the panels or cladding to your walls with the most heavy-duty and long-lasting adhesives.

Finishing And Accentuating

We finish by adding final touches such as trim, caulk, paints, stains or sealants, and protection treatments.

Wall Panels

Book Our Installation Treatments For Wall Panels

In addition to enjoying the purchase of the finest panels from us, you can also get our wall panel installation services for the smoothest experience and excellent outcomes.

Our wall surface paneling is amongst the most beneficial home improvements, offering physical and financial perks. And, similar to the cost of wall paneling boards, we also provide these services at affordable rates.

You can obtain our excellence in the comfort of your place and and get helpful suggestions or consultations at home. Our services are widely available throughout Dubai to improve every residential and workplace setting.

Panels for Walls
Luxury Wall Panel

Wall Cladding Dubai is a perfect alternative to old wall covering materials and will effectively protect your walls from damage. It has the potential to make a space comfortable instantly.

Why Choose Us?

Upholstery Services Dubai has the best and most cost-effective solutions for all your wall treatment plus decor improvement requirements.

Our wall panels Dubai products and services will provide great resale value for your buildings and endless aesthetic and health benefits.

Cheap And Profitable Treatment

The cost of paneling at our store is the most economical one in Dubai and this treatment will benefit you for years straight

Gateway To Luxurious Decors

These panels are the most effective idea for improving not just the look but also the comfort of your interiors, making them welcoming plus valuable

Thank You Notes From Our Customers

Following are some of the amazing reviews that we keep receiving for our premium wall cladding and paneling treatments

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Wall surface panels are commonly made from Wood, Metal, PVC, MDF, Acrylic, Fiberglass, and Gypsum. Additionally, glass, plywood, drywall, wood-plastic composite, fiber-reinforced plastic, fiber cement, concrete, tile, and stone paneling are popular for homes and offices.

Yes, adding wall panels is the most effective way to achieve maximum insulation and soundproofing for interiors. Panels not only prevent the escaping of heat but also stop drafts from entering a room. And they also reduce noise transfer within a place for added comfort.

Yes, we provide a range of fire-resistant wall paneling options such as PVC panels, Gypsum boards, and panels with a mineral wool core.

In addition to these, non-paper-faced exterior gypsum, fiberglass, cellulose and treated plywood panels are also great choices in this regard.

The main tools you’ll need for this purpose are measuring tape, panel or circular saw, level, adhesive material or tape, screws, plugs, spacers, dedicated sealants, jigsaw, putty and utility knives.

Still, the best idea is to get professional services to generate perfect and durable results.

Of course, at Upholstery Services Dubai, you can find the widest style and design options for wall panels, suitable for every interior decor and taste.

We provide classy and timeless paneling choices for modern and traditional interiors; you can also have customization services.

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