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We welcome you to explore a trendsetting range of Carpets and make your rooms way more comfortable and welcoming than before!

Carpet Tiles

Make Your Interior Beautiful With Stunning Carpets

Our finest quality carpets Dubai make the best floor coverings, and you can even have them as substitutes for complete (and costly) floorings.

These are plush underfoot, maintain warmth, and will contribute to reducing energy expenses.

We provide these high-quality floor coverings in impressive collections for modern and traditional interiors. Other than predefined prints, patterns, and colors, you can also have custom designs for all unique requirements.

Tufted Carpets

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See The Range Of Trendy Carpets We Present

Following are some of the most popular carpet styles we provide for homes and offices. Any of these options will be the most beneficial decor improvement for you.

Wool Carpets
Wool Carpets

These are the plushest and warmest of all and are an excellent choice for winters.

Nylon Carpets
Nylon Carpets

These synthetic carpets are a useful choice for homes with kids and pets.

Berber Carpets
Berber Carpets

These tough and long-lasting carpets work well in high-traffic areas.

Shaggy Floor Coverings
Shaggy Covering

These comfy carpets work wonders as a focal point within an interior.

Level Loop Carpet
Level Loop Carpet

This carpeting is suitable for placing underneath furniture & doesn’t show any stains.

Flat Weave Carpets
Flat Weave Carpets

These thin and lightweight carpets are perfect for areas like hallways, and corridors.

Our Recent Projects

Striped Loop Pile Carpet
Porcelan Office Carpet Tiles
Amazing Wall to Wall Carpet
Luxury Carpets

What Benefits Do Our Carpets Dubai Offer?

Our carpets in Dubai will make your places ideally comfortable, pleasing, and useful. They will give you a good value for your money & provide major cost reductions.

Improved Air Quality

Maximum Room Insulation

Efficient Area Defining

Better Walking Safety

Floor Protection

Helpful Noise Dampening

Phloor Noble Soft Carpet

Our Carpet Installation Servicing 

Read below to learn about how we make our high-quality carpets an outstanding part of your homes and offices in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Measurements & Prepwork

We measure your desired area precisely and carry out the required cleanups.

Addition Of Accessories

We add dedicated underlayments to ensure perfect carpet securing.

Placement Of Carpets

We install the carpets and stretch them to get rid of imperfections.

Finishing & Trimming

We trim all uneven edges and add any desired styling of yours.

Luxury Carpets

Enjoy Long-lasting Carpet Installations With Us!

Got your hands on your favorite carpets? We’ve more to offer you; our carpets installation, fixing, and customization services will highlight the entire beauty of your chosen carpets.

Our services are highly budget-friendly and will work as the most useful floor treatments, keeping your homes comfy and easy to maintain for a long. We also provide fixing and repair services for old carpets in Dubai.

And, to address all your odd-shaped room corners or similar problematic areas, we offer efficient carpet customizations and sizing. This way, you can make the most out of every inch of your space. Reach out to us today!

Carpets for Home Decor
Merola Tile Carpets

Carpets make an excellent choice when you don’t want to spend a lot on home decor and/or want a floor covering that’s low-maintenance. Be quick and get yours today!

Why Choose Us?

Carpets Dubai by Upholstery Services Dubai is the best decor improvement investment that will help you achieve endless comfort!

Finest Carpeting Treatments
Finest Carpeting Treatments

Both our carpet products and installation services stand out because of their excellence and attention to detail, creating classy decor.

Free In-home Sampling
Free In-home Sampling

You can request carpet samples free of cost and can talk to our experts from the comfort of your home.

Durable Floor Coverings
Durable Floor Coverings

Our high-quality carpeting services will keep your places cozy, warm, energy-efficient and welcoming.

Featured Reviews

Need to satisfy your mind before choosing our carpets? Go through these latest reviews and rest assured about the excellence of our products.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, our carpets can be used in all high-traffic residential and commercial areas, since they have high impact and stain resistance. These options generally come with a low pile height and thick backings to put up with all the usage intensity and stay away from damage.

Yes, our carpets are 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and free from VOCs, therefore a perfectly healthy choice for homes with kids and pets. Besides, they are moisture and stain-resistant too and do not develop nasty odors quickly. Cleaning and caring for them is really convenient as well.

It’s best to hire professionals for the carpet installation job because that’s how you can achieve the best results and make the most out of your carpeting. Professionals can not only create all desired looks but can also deal with all the subfloor problems easily to make the carpets perform well.

With accurate installation and good upkeep, you can expect your carpet to serve you for 15 to 20 years. To make carpeting last long, it’s incredibly important to keep it safe from damaging factors and rough usage. Plus, it’s essential to treat and address all accidents quickly.

Yes, you can have your desire finely customized by us for all non-standard rooms and odd-shaped nooks and corners. In addition to sizing, we also offer carpet fiber, pile height, thickness, face weight and underlayment customizations to provide you with a perfect fit.

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