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We present to you the widest varieties of residential and commercial floorings along with installation services at pocket-friendly rates.

Flooring Dubai

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We are the most renowned provider of flooring Dubai services and will help you design your dream interiors with ultimate perfection and entirely on a budget. Our flooring ranges are vast and versatile to cater to every space’ needs and all tailored preferences.

Moreover, we have a vast collection of custom-made SPC, Vinyl, Wooden, Laminate, LVT, and Parquet flooring at affordable rates. The high durability, versatile colors, and unique patterns not only enhance the elegance of your floor but also make it more functional and stable.

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Our Popular Flooring Dubai Types

Up ahead, we’ve described some of our most excellent floorings which offer instant and everlasting area beautification and comfort enhancement.

wooden flooring
Wooden Flooring

This floor type makes the most opulent, and valuable floor treatment which will add incredible warmth.

Vinyl Floors
Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Flooring is a useful choice for areas with higher humidity like bathrooms, shower stalls etc.

Laminate Floors
Laminate Floors

laminate floor is a smart alternative to a deluxe floor and offers an impressive level of performance.

LVT Floor
LVT Floor

This one is a unique version of vinyl floor and a great choice to consider for inviting interiors.

SPC Floor
SPC Floor

SPC flooring in Dubai comes with a sturdy core and is the perfect choice for all areas.

Parquet Floor
Parquet Floor

This classic floor type will make your place entirely luxurious and will guarantee a great resale value.

Look At Our Trendy Flooring Varieties 

Check out our latest flooring options for homes, offices, and other commercial areas, and enjoy picking your favorite options that are available at low rates.

Modern Flooring
Special Flooring
Amazing Flooring
Luxury Flooring

Undeniable Benefits Of Our Durable Flooring

Getting floor treatment from us is the kind of decor improvement that will offer you both instant and long-term benefits.

Better Comfort & Safety

Increased Energy Efficiency

Unique Temperature Regulation

Noise Reduction

Easy Floor Surface Cleaning

Better Air Quality Improvement

Fllooring Dubai

Insights Into Our Flooring Services

Following is a quick explanation of how we offer remarkable benefits through Flooring Dubai treatments.

Planning & Consultations

We discuss all your requirements and preferences and come up with suitable floor plans.

Inspection & Preparation

We conduct detailed inspections of your subfloors, and treat/fix all their imperfections.

Accessorizing & Installation

We add dedicated underlayments, underfloor heating systems, and moisture barriers at your place.

Finishing & Cleanups

We carry out final inspections to check for any required addressing and finishing additions.


Approach Us For Precise & Cost-Effective Installation Services In The UAE

After you’ve chosen your desired floorings, the next thing you need is a trustworthy and precise installation service.

Upholstery Services Dubai can help you at this point as well; we provide precise and budget-friendly flooring installation services to improve the look and usefulness of your floors and to make your surroundings welcoming and valuable.

Our services are widely available for each type of floor and you can get even the most damaged and worn-out floors treated and revived from us. We shall transform your homes and offices in no time, making them entirely comfortable.

Luxury Flooring
Best Flooring

Flooring, being a major decor improvement, requires exceptional skills and that’s where our excellence comes to play. We shall make your places the most valuable!

Why Choose Us?

Upholstery Services Dubai is the best provider of durable floorings and precise installation services. We offer endless custom made flooring materials for your residential and commercial places at 20% off.

Versatile Options

Our store has a perfect floor option for every need. You can opt for a floor material with custom colors, textures, patterns, sizes, and thickness at low rates.

Fast Servicing

We are known for providing the most rapid yet flawless flooring services in the UAE and you can enjoy your renovated buildings without any disturbances.

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Get High-quality Flooring Treatments At 20% Off In Dubai

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

At Upholstery Services Dubai, you can find the widest options of floorings for both residential and commercial settings. Some of the most popular flooring choices among those are Vinyl, Wood, Laminate, LVT, SPC, Rubber, and Tile, which are highly durable and cheap.

Yes, we provide several eco-friendly flooring options with which you can enjoy natural aesthetics without any harm to the environment. The most common choices in this regard are Linoleum, Cork, Bamboo, and Hybrid Timber Floorings which are completely free from VOCs and toxins.

A few great options in this regard are laminate, vinyl, engineered hardwood, SPC, and concrete floorings. In addition to these, Porcelain and ceramic tiles also prove to be excellent floor treatments for all areas with high footfall and usage like corridors, hallways, and staircases.

This depends on the area to be treated and the type of flooring. Besides, extremely damaged, problematic, and/or dirty subfloors can also prolong the installation process. In general, it takes around 1 to 3 days to install flooring in a small or medium-sized room and more for larger areas.

Yes, a new flooring can be easily installed over an existing one but the subfloor has to be addressed well. There must be no imperfections, water damage, debris, or uneven parts on the existing flooring, to ensure a smooth, useful, and long-lasting fitting of the new one.

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