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Our unique, stylish, and heavy-duty Kids Room wallpaper range is available at low rates. Our custom-made wallpapers will highlight your child’s bedroom or nursery best!

Karikhars Kids Room

We Supply High-Quality & Eco-Friendly Kids Wallpapers In Dubai 

We stock the most engaging, creative, and healthy wallpaper options for children of every age and gender. Kids Room Wallpaper Dubai is an innovative alternative to paint layers and will give you great value for your money.

So if you’re looking for budget-friendly elements to upgrade your child’s nursery or bedroom or are about to design a new one, check out our latest collection of luxury bedroom wallpaper.

Finest Construction

Fade-free Colors

High-end Finishing 

Versatile Designs

Custom Design Kids Wallpaper

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Year Experience

Kids Study Space Wallpaper

Unique & Stylish Wallpaper Types We Offer For Kids Rooms 

Up ahead, we’ve mentioned some of the best-seller wallpapers at our store. These options are timeless and will ensure health benefits for your kids plus usage convenience for you.

Vinyl Decor Papers
Vinyl Decor Papers

They come in versatile designs and are highly damage-resistant, low-maintenance and flexible.

Fabric Wallpapers
Fabric Wallpapers

These wallpapers are perfect if you seek a comforting wall treatment in your child’s room.

Pre-pasted Kids’ Wall Sheets
Pre-pasted Wall Sheets

As implied by the name, these wallpapers come with pre-applied adhesives.

Bamboo Wallpaper Dubai
Non-woven Wallpapers

These are designed with synthetic or natural fibers and are highly mold-resistant.

Wall Stickers For Kids Rooms
Stickers For Kids Rooms

We offer these stickers in various vibrant options, including fairytale themes and cartoon characters.

Kids’ Room 3d Wallpaper
Kids Room 3d Wallpapers

These realistic wallpapers seem highly immersive to kids and make a great engaging element.

Our Latest Children’s Room Wallpapers 

Kids Little Scandi House Wallpaper
Kids Room Interior Wallpaper
Ohpopsi Unicorn Wall Mural
Childs Room Interior 3D Wallpaper

What Makes Our Wallpapers A Favorable Choice?

To begin with, our wall-styling papers are eco-friendly, healthy, and creative to ensure your precious kids’ physical and mental wellness. Here are the rest of the benefits of kids room wallpaper Dubai:

They help improve indoor air quality.

Sensory-rich for kids healthy developments.

Cleaning & Maintenance Is Entirely Easy.

Prevent stainning, fading or ruptured.

Foster imagination, creativity and learning.

Thermoregulatory effect to ensure comfort.

Beautiful Kids room Wallpaper Dubai

Our Steps Of Installing Wallpapers For Attractive Kids’ Spaces 

Following is a brief explanation of how we install wallpapers in nurseries, play areas, and kids’ bedrooms with matchless excellence. Also, our services are highly affordable and make a cost-effective home improvement.

Damage Addressing

We remove any previous wall treatment like paints, papers, panels and seamlessly fix all damages.

Wall Preparation

Our team prepares walls through precise sanding and application of high-quality primers and/or adhesives.

Wallpaper Addition

We install wall sheets in a quick yet meticulous manner and carry out all necessary cleanups by using modern tools.

Finishing Touches

Depending on yours or your child’s preferences, we may paint, seal or accentuate the wallpaper surface.

Kids Room Wallpaper

Get Low-Maintenance Room Wallpapers

The cost of kids room wallpaper at our store is the most affordable in Dubai. You can benefit from our services in the comfort of your home.

  • Pet-Friendly Wall Sheets
  • 3d, 2D, & HD Wallpapers
  • Peel & Stick Wall Papers
  • Themed Wall Coverings
Wall Mural Photo Wallpaper
Wall Sticker Kids Room

Among all wallpaper shops in Dubai, ours is the top-rated one where you can find the most durable wallpaper options for every setting.

Why Choose Us?

Being a prestigious home decor brand, Upholstery Services Dubai provides premium-grade and stylish kids room wallpaper Dubai.

We craft our wall coverings with sustainable, health-friendly, and custom-made materials. These ensure delightful surroundings for children of all ages, too, with minimal expenses. Check out today!

Material Sampling And Details
24/7 Helpful Consultations

Our experts can be consulted both online and in person to get the best suggestions for every requirement and/or custom wall design.

Fixing And Enhancements Service
Free Wallpaper Samples

You can request our team for any type of wallpaper samples and we shall rapidly deliver them to your places for the most satisfactory purchases.

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Our wallpaper services are available in all parts of Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Wallpapers for kids’ rooms should primarily be heavy-duty, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Next up, come the considerations of your kid’s age, gender, and preferences. Also, these should be free of toxins and odors, comfortable to touch and of complementing colors/patterns.

The wall coverings meant for kids’ rooms are generally easy to deal with, especially vinyl and metallic ones. For regular cleaning, wiping the wall sheet’s surface with a damp cloth is enough. Occasionally, one can make use of a mild detergent and water. But avoid using excess water.

The designs of decoring papers for kids’ rooms should be age-appropriate, bright, maximally timeless, and at best, creative as well. Additionally, you can consider your child’s favorite theme for a personalized look. Some timeless options are jungle, farm, and ocean themes or prints.

Yes, our Kids’ wall decor papers are entirely non-toxic, VOC-free, hypoallergenic, and health-friendly, and they don’t have any odors as well. For extra safety, we also offer wall coverings made of pure plant, wood, textile, cellulose fibers, or recycled or untreated paper.

Our wall coverings for children’s rooms have excellent build quality and can last for around 15 years, much more than paint jobs. However, the longevity usually depends upon its maintenance and way of installation. For maximum longevity, get your wall sheets installed by experts.

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