Moroccan Majlis Dubai | Sign of Arabic Traditions

Majlis is basically a gathering or council of people having the same interest in religious and social issues. There is an Arabic traditional seating style of these majlises called Moroccan Majlis Dubai.

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Interior of Moroccan Majlis Dubai

At Upholstery Services Dubai, the interior of Moroccan Majlis is beautifully designed with colorful paints on the walls, floors with handcrafted borders, and the tiles of the floor have dynamic colors in them. The ceiling of the Moroccan Majlis Dubai is curved shaped and has geometric borders on it.

Furniture of Moroccan Majlis in Dubai

The furniture of Moroccan style Majlisincludes Arabic furniture, Moroccan round coffee table, Moroccan seating, Moroccan sofas, large antique mirrors, middle eastern floor seating, octagon side tables, fascinating lamps, and curtains of different styles. The fabrics used in Moroccan Majlis Dubai are.

  • Silk; is used in outdoor cushions and curtains
  • Wool; is used in sofas
  • Bamboo silk; is used in rugs

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We provide you with the best interior decoration services for Moroccan Majlis in Dubai. We have a wide range of Moroccan majlis Dubai & Moroccan furniture in our store, which is superior in quality to other furniture stores. Our store has almost 300+ different fabric designs of Moroccan Majlis UAE.

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We are providing our customers a guiding map according to their place and what kind of furniture and interior decor suits their place.

Delivery Services

We are providing our customers with our free delivery services of Moroccan Majlis Dubai, so you just have to select the designs and your furniture is on your doorstep.


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