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Upholstery Services Dubai provides you with a timeless way to enhance the style, aesthetics, warmth, and convenience of your living spaces with our simple or smart Blinds Dubai.

We provide highly robust, affordable, and durable window dressing elements with desired fabric and hardware options, colors and layouts, patterns or textures, wooden species or finishes, and wide or long panels.

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Prominent Benefits Of Investing in Our Window Blinds Dubai

Following are our best seller wallpapers which work wonders for both residential and commercial settings and make the most cost-effective wall treatment

Trendy Designs

You can get them with different slat orientations that can be twisted, turned, lowered, and raised to suit your requirements and moods.

Light Control

The light rays entering your rooms can be controlled and adjusted effectively, creating a comfortable and undisrupted living environment.

Optimized Privacy

Select a thick, dense fabric for privacy enhancement, restricting outside glares and creating a secure and safe environment.

Add Warmth

Our dim-out or wooden coverings create a cozy and warm atmosphere for taking a nap during the day and restful sleep at night time.


For energy efficiency, our shades are the perfect choice, regulating the room temperature and help saving money on electricity bills.


Our high-performance covering acts as a barrier against sunlight, protecting your room’s valuables and accessories against fading.

Explore The Designs We Offer For Custom Blinds!

According to your bespoke statement, we have a tremendous range of window coverings to avail of the custom treatment.

Customized Blinds
Finest Blinds Dubai
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What Types Of Window Blinds Do We Offer?

We’ve been selling designer windows essential in versatile designs to sync your functional requirements. You can get the best one among them:

Blackout Blinds

Motorized Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Roller Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Roman Blinds

Efficient Blinds

Hire Our Professionals For Expert Blinds Installations

Looking for window blinds Dubai installers? We provide you with a skillful team at services, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Proper Inspections

We come to your respective locations to analyze the window style and parameters, ensuring accuracy.

Adept Measurements

Our expert measurements using the latest tools ensure the flawless finish of your window coverings.

Flawless Fittings

Whether it’s a simple rod or the integration of motorized mechanisms and track poles, we do it perfectly.

Repair Solutions

Also, we can replace any damaged slats or panels of your window blinds to restore their appearance.


We Offer Maximum Customization Options For Blinds

Create an entirely serviceable and personalized window look by customizing your blinds. For the finest window ornamentations, you can select from a wide selection of fabrics, featuring exclusive modern and traditional patterns or layouts.

Aside from that, you can pick the hardware, slat, and panel materials including metal, aluminum, wood, and acrylic.

Also, the size of coverings can be personalized to ensure a perfect window fit. Most importantly, the wooden textures or finishes and slat sizes or thickness can be tailored to the user’s specified statements.

Best Quality Blinds
Perfect Blinds

We strive to keep our servicing standard high in every aspect, offering timely doorstep shipping.

Why Choose Us For Blinds in Dubai?

Upholstery Services Dubai is a top-tier firm to provides highly practical, innovative, and functional window blinds Dubai for your residential and commercial interiors.

To improve the comfort and appearance of your rooms, you can select any modern or traditional window covering option.

Expert Consultations

You can select the complementary style after having a purposeful discussion with our designers and experts to align your windows and space’s layouts.

Free Sampling

We show you extensive traditional or modern coverings options through samples for the most convenient and desirable shopping experience.

Client’s Feedback

Check out the positive response from our valuable customers to have a convenient purchase experience with our store.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

For ease of knowing about our servicing aspects, we’ve answered the most asked queries of clients in detail. Contact us now for further queries:

Yes! These window coverings are designed to align different window parameters and styles. They can be installed with an inside or outside mount depending on the window style. Also, some can be installed by professionals on the small and large windows of your residential and commercial spaces.

Window blinds can vary in style, quality, and appearance based on the different types of materials.

You can select them with synthetic or natural material options, slats or panel orientations, and cords or motorized systems for your spaces.

Yes! Depending on the type of material they are made from, they offer a higher level of thermal insulation in any room.

The dim-out coverings are renowned for regulating room temperature and are ideal for summer and winter.

Yes! Synthetic or composite material blinds are best for bathrooms and kitchens.

That’s because they can withstand the humid environment and offer absolute prevention against wrapping and other potential damages.

Well, the expected lifetime for any kind of window blinds entirely depends on the type of materials they are made of.

The average lifespan is about 6-8 years, however, it can be prolonged with proper maintenance and care.

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