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How To Protect Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

Protect Outdoor Furniture Cushions

I don’t think there is anything more relaxing or pleasing than sitting on the outdoor furniture and having a cup of coffee with your family. That’s the reason people use outdoor furniture on their balconies, lawns, and patios to make these places worth sitting in and to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Outdoor furniture is incomplete without outdoor cushions. So, using cushions on their patio sofas, couches, or chairs is a trend nowadays as well. The protection of outdoor cushions is very necessary to keep them usable for a long time.

If you are also using outdoor cushions in Dubai and want to protect outdoor furniture cushions from changing weather, then you must read this article because here are some ways that you can follow to protect your furniture.

Strategies To Protect Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Here are different strategies that are very helpful in preventing cushion covers from many types of damage. Let’s start the discussion.

Protection From Sun

Protection From Sun

Most outdoor cushions are resistant to UV radiation and sun damage. If the outdoor cushions always remain in contact with the damaging rays of the sun, then they can start decaying or losing their beauty.

There are many methods that can protect outdoor furniture cushions from the sun. One of the best ways is the use of sun-resistant UV spray on the cushions. Buy a high-quality spray for your cushions and then apply it on both sides of the cushions. Place the cushions in an airy place and let them dry completely before placing them on the furniture again.

The other feasible strategy to follow is to remove the cushions from the furniture when they are not in use. Keep the cushions in a shady area, and place them on the furniture when you want to use them.

Protection From Rain

Protection From Rain

Outdoor cushions are waterproof and sometimes water-resistant. In both cases, you can’t always leave the cushions outside during the rain. If the cushions remain in contact with water frequently then they can start damaging.

If there is rain expected, then remove the cushions and store them in an indoor area. Or you can also cover the cushions with a waterproof sheet. If you don’t want to remove the cushions from the furniture. If they get wet from the rain, then shake the cushions well and let them dry completely.

Otherwise, they can be susceptible to the growth of molds and mildew which is not good for your cushions. Fabric protector spray is also available on the market to protect outdoor furniture cushions from rain damage.

But before applying this spray on the cushion, check the spray on a little piece of fabric and see if it is safe for the cushions or decolorizes the fabric. Always try to use a high-quality fabric spray for your cushions because a low-quality spray can destroy the beauty of your furniture.

Install Patio Umbrellas

If you want to prevent your outdoor cushions from being damaged, then outdoor umbrellas can also be used on your patio or backyard. This is a very interesting strategy to protect the cushion covers. An umbrella protects not only the customized cushions but also the outdoor furniture from sun and rain damage.

Try to install umbrellas that can easily cover all your outdoor furniture under them. If that is not possible, then make sure the umbrellas cover at least the sofas and couches under them. Keep the umbrellas open during the daytime when you are not using the furniture and cushions. It protects the cushions from damaging sun rays.

When you want to sit on your lawn, then you can close the umbrella. You can open the umbrella when it’s raining and you want to enjoy the weather without getting wet. Installation of umbrellas not only protects your furniture but also provides lots of other benefits.

Use Of Cushion Covers

Use Of Cushion Covers

You can also use covers to protect outdoor furniture cushions. If you feel that the resistance of your cushions is getting weak against the damage, then cover them with waterproof and weather-resistant covers.

There is a large variety of exquisite cushion covers on the market. You can select the covers according to the requirements of your place and the needs of your furniture. Cushion covers give some extra protection to your cushions and also make your old cushions new again.

Immediate Cleaning Of Stains

Immediate Cleaning Of Stains

The protection of cushions also includes protecting them from stains and spills. If the stains remain on the cushion for a very long time, then they become impossible to remove, so it is always best practice to remove the stains from the cushions immediately after observing them.

There are many methods for cleaning stains. You can use a vinegar solution, baking powder solution, essential oils, and any ready-made cleaner on the market. If you are using a ready-made solution on the cushion to remove the stains, make sure that the solution doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that can damage the texture and color of your cushions.

Always read the description of the cleaner before applying it to the cushions. If there is a bird’s poop on the cushion, then clean it immediately before it is absorbed by the cushions. Maintain the cushions by regularly cleaning them. The regular cleaning of the cushions will also protect their looks. You can also get a guide about ways of drying cushions.


The protection of outdoor cushions is not a laborious task. You just need to follow some strategies and you can definitely get the required results. Installing patio umbrellas, applying protection sprays, and the use of cushion covers are some of the most reliable and easy ways to protect outdoor furniture cushions Dubai. Try any of these methods to make your outdoor cushions durable and sturdy against damage.

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