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What are The Easy Ways To Keep Cushions Dry?

What Is The Easy Way To Keep Cushions Dry

People having outdoor furniture on their lawns, patios, and balconies must face the difficulty of wet cushions during rain. Although cushions are water resistant, they can still be damaged when they remain in contact with rainwater frequently.

Drying the wet cushion is also very difficult for the user because they have to place them in sunlight and have to use sprays on them to prevent the growth of molds. That’s the reason people want to take some precautions and keep cushions dry.

If you have cushions and you also want to keep them dry, then here are some tricks or strategies that you can follow to keep your outdoor cushions dry and safe during rain. Without wasting time, let’s start the discussion.

1. Use Water-Resistant Vinyl Cushion Covers

What are The Easy Ways To Keep Cushions Dry?

Although most of the outdoor cushions Dubai are waterproof or water-resistant, they can still get damaged by the rain because, many times, the fabric absorbs water. That’s the reason it’s recommended to use vinyl covers on the cushions.

Vinyl covers will protect the cushions from getting wet during rain. You even don’t need to remove the cushions during the night to prevent them from getting dew drops because vinyl covers are resistant to moisture and water and keep the cushions dry.

Vinyl covers are available in different styles and designs on the market, so you can match the cover according to your outdoor sofa, couch, and chairs.

2. Apply Kitchen Plastic Bags

Apply Kitchen Plastic Bags

Applying kitchen plastic bags is also another very useful trick to keep the cushions from getting moist. Don’t think that we are going to apply the kitchen plastic bags over the cushion covers, because it can ruin the look of your cushions.

For applying plastic bags, first, remove the cushion covers. Use a plastic bag with handles and place the cushion filler in this bag, and tie the knot firmly. Now place this kitchen plastic bag in the cushion covers and zip the covers.

In this way, whenever it rains, the outdoor cushion covers resist the water, and if the water penetrates the cushion, then a water bag inside the cover will protect the cushion filling.

3. Use The Water-Resistant Spray On Them

Use The Water-Resistant Spray On Them cushion

Water-resistant sprays are available on the market that protects the furniture and cushions from water damage and makes them water resistant. If you want to make your cushions waterproof, then use a high-quality water-resistant spray on your cushions.

Water-resistant sprays can damage the color of the fabric of cushions. Therefore, when you are buying the spray, carefully read its description and then apply it to the cushion covers. It is also advisable to check the spray first on a small patch to know if it is suitable for the cushions or not.

4. Buy An Outdoor Storage Box

There are many outdoor storage boxes available on the market. The collection of deck storage boxes is also exquisite. You can place an outdoor storage box on your patio or lawn. In this way, you can place the cushions back in the box after using them.

The storage box protects your cushions from rain and sun rays. The cushions remain dry and you can use them whenever you want because they are completely safe in the storage box.

5. Place Them Inside When Not In Use

Place Them Inside When Not In Use

This is another method you can use to protect your cushions from getting wet in the rain. When you are not using the outdoor cushions, then remove them from the outdoor furniture and place them in the indoor area. This will protect the cushions not only from rain but also from other damage from the sun and changing weather.

Whenever you want to use your outdoor furniture, bring the cushions to the garden from the inside area and place them on the furniture.


With just a little effort, you can easily keep your cushions dry. Vinyl or aluminum cushion covers can be the best idea for anyone who wants to protect their cushions. You can also use waterproof cushion fillers. It is entirely up to you to determine which method is best for keeping outdoor cushions Dubai dry.

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