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How Long Do Outdoor Cushions Last?

How Long Do Outdoor Cushions Last

Cushions are a crucial household commodity that can give you support and assist you to sit more upright and with good posture. The outdoor cushion can be used for various purposes on your patio, garden, balcony, and deck. You can place these cushions on outdoor sofas, chairs, rugs, and carpets.

You can get these cushions by choosing from various textures, patterns, and layouts. There are different styles of outdoor cushions that can easily make your patio look exceptional. You can select these cushions considering your outdoor accessories, but don’t forget the quality while purchasing them because it can ensure the durability of these cushions for outdoors. Let’s get to know how long do outdoor cushions last.

What Is The Average Lifetime Of Outdoor Cushions?

Outdoor cushions Dubai that are made from durable and high-quality materials like polyester can last for approximately 10 years. However, the lifespan of these cushions depends on the way you care for your cushions and maintain them. If you are buying cheap quality cushions for your home decor, they won’t last longer than 5 years.

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of Outdoor Cushions

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions are made from polypropylene fabric, which is the best and most durable fabric for these cushions. This fabric is quite strong and can last for up to a decade. However, it entirely depends on the quality of these cushions and the way you maintain them. If you purchase cushions without considering the factors of water-resistant, discoloration, and UV-resistant, then they won’t last long.

Check the quality, durability, and maintainability of these cushions. If you leave the cushions outside for more than a month with no care or considering severe weather, then they’ll deteriorate eventually.

Buy Cushions Considering The Following Factors

If you are going to buy cushions to adorn your outdoor areas, then don’t just think about the colors, patterns, textures, and layouts. Consider the quality, fabric material, and lifespan of these cushions as well.

1. Water Resistance

Water Resistance

The foremost factor to consider in making your outdoor cushions last longer is their property of weather resistance. When you place cushions in your outdoor areas, they require absolute care.

If you want your cushions to last a long time, then keep in mind that you should buy cushions that are resistant to rainwater. Otherwise, you must place your cushions inside whenever it rains so that they don’t lose their appearance.

2. UV Resistance

UV Resistance

Whether you place the cushions on your outdoor sofas or chairs, they have to face the direct piercing of sunlight. This can cause discoloration of your cushions. There are two possibilities for avoiding this problem that you can follow.

First, if the exposure to light is intense, then place your outdoor cushions in the shade or under an umbrella or awning so that they won’t fade their color. Second, you can use protective cushion covers to maintain the appearance of your cushions.

3. Quality Material

Quality Material

The material fabric plays a significant role. If you want to know how long outdoor cushions last, then you may also need to know that it mainly depends on the quality of the fabric. Whenever you go to purchase cushions, inspect their quality from the retailer and see if you are buying the cushions with the material that you needed.

Don’t just go for the appearance of cushions; properly check the fabric and its texture. However, the best fabric material for cushions to be placed in your backyard is polypropylene, which guarantees maximum durability.

4. Mold & Moisture Resistance

If there is a rainy season and you leave your cushions outdoors, then your cushions will be affected by mold and moisture penetration. For this purpose, you can only rely on polypropylene fabric that is moisture and mold-resistant. However, you must avoid placing them outdoors in these extreme climate conditions.

Tips To Consider Making Your Outdoor Cushions Last For Long

Making Your Outdoor Cushions Last For Long

Proper care and maintenance along with consistent use of these curtains ensure the durability of these cushions. Cushions for outdoors are specially made to be resistant to water, weather, and direct sun rays.

However, measures can be taken to make them durable for over a decade. As you know, these cushions have to face wear and tear because of natural disasters like direct sunlight, rain, wind, and others. For this purpose, follow the core tips given below to ensure the durability of your cushions.

  • Try to keep them in an outdoor spot where sun rays can’t reach out or there’s shade.
  • When not in use, place these cushions in a dry and well-ventilated area.
  • Daily, dust off the dirt over them so that it doesn’t accumulate in them.
  • Keep them clean by brushing off dirt and cleaning them periodically.
  • Treat stubborn stains and spills immediately to maintain their appearance.
  • Use cushion covers to protect them and try to place them under an awning or umbrella after use.
  • To prevent your outdoor cushions from uneven wear and fading from direct sun exposure, try fluffing and rotating them daily.

To Sum Up!

Outdoor cushions can spruce up your outdoor ornamentation if properly selected. If you want to make your cushions last a long time, then you will need to maintain them properly and take care of them. Ask the retailer about the quality and maintainability of your cushions. With periodic cleaning, avoiding weather, and proper use, outdoor cushions can last for over 10 years easily.

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